Name Country City Business
Sherwood America Inc. U.S.A L.A Home & Car Audio
San Jose Communication Systems
Sherwood INKEL Europe GMBH Germany Frankfurt Home & Car Audio, Telecommunication
INKEL Corporation(H.K) Hong Kong - I.P.O
Shenzhen Inkel-Languan Electronics Co.,Ltd. China Shenzhen Manufacturing

The head office makes policy or strategy and provides finance and information related support to overseas operations. It also provides high technology products which are not accessible locally. Local offices enforce the overseas business policy by developing the strategy for their local market and by moving forward with local headquarters controlling the action. We plan to create a global network of headquarters throughout North and South Americas, Europe and Asia. In particular, Sherwood, the overseas INKEL Corporation's brand, has become a world-wide brand though overseas office in the U.S.A. Sherwood is no longer recognized solely as an American brand, but as an international symbol of quality Electronics in many countries around the world.

INKEL Corporation hopes to create the ultimate with the spirit of cooperation and harmony, and by introducing our advanced technology to local markets abroad. INKEL Corporation is concerned with its image as it is with its profits. We are proud of its standing as a global company.

To further diversify its business, INKEL Corporation has established local factories and extended its overseas dealings. It has built a INKEL Corporation complex in China, with the idea of using home consumption at lower costs. As a cornerstone in securing advanced technology, it will increase its international competitiveness by having local factories in many countries in the future.